PGP Key Signing Party at Master of Libre Software (URJC)

Last December we had a PGP key signing party at the Master of Libre Software that I am attending in Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Teacher Israel Herraiz ( the party, the students generated our keys and sent to him the fingerprints. The day of the party everybody brought a paper that he previously sent with the Key IDs and Fingerprints of everybody. They checked everything was correct, exchanged ID cards to check the identity of each other, and later everybody at home should sign the keys of the people of the party.

In the middle of this Christmas time came and also the time for doing the different homework for the master so I did not find the time for signing my colleagues’ keys. Few minutes ago I did it.

In fact I was not remembering well what to do (it was my first signing party!) so I checked The Key Signing Party How-to to refresh my memory.

I took the paper with the Key IDs and fingerprints of my friends, the one that we used in the party.

Then,  I typed the commands to receive the key and fingerprint of the first friend:

gpg –keyserver <keyserver> –recv-keys <Key_ID>
gpg –fingerprint <Key_ID>

I checked that the fingerprint that the server sent me was the same that the one in the paper, and then I signed the key with my own key and upload the signed key:
gpg –sign-key <Key_ID>
gpg –keyserver <keyserver> –send-key <Key_ID>

Then I repeated the process with the other friends whose identity I could check at the party.

After that I continued reading the HowTo and I learned that it is possible to draw a graph of the PGP web of trust. You have the details at the sig2dot GPG/PGP Keyring Graph Generator site.

I will not publish here my resulting graph to preserve my friends privacity but it is really nice, have a try!

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