Smileys and netiquette

I don’t like to use smileys in my email messages or forum posts. Maybe just the simplest and traditional:

🙂   happy      😦  sad     😉  happy blink

I usually write (and read) in plain text, never payed too much attention to smileys; for example which is the different between :)) and 😀 ? Will my colleagues/friends/family understand the difference (if there is any), or even care that I used a smiley?

I knew there are a few rules that have become a standard netiquette for writing messages in mailing lists and forums. However I would never imagine that there are netiquette rules about smileys. But there are! RFC 1855 is about Netiquette Guidelines, and includes a line about smileys:

“Use smileys to indicate tone of voice, but use them sparingly. 🙂 is an example of a smiley (Look sideways). Don’t assume that the inclusion of a smiley will make the recipient happy with what you say or wipe out an otherwise insulting comment.”

So I didn’t know but it seems I was doing the correct thing 😉

Writing emails in plain text is also a good recomendation; but in forum posts, you find that nowadays most sites have an integrated rich text editor including some graphical smileys and other animated pictures to explain emotions in a short way. These “animated GIFs” are out of the scope of the smileys netiquette, but I also try to use them carefully (the text that I write should be more interesting to others than my personal feelings about it). On the other hand, there are a few animated graphics that I like very much, maybe because I could not express myself better with words in some cases. Here you are:

  • Tongue out – When word “busy” is not enough
  • Facepalm – Because sometimes “God, give me patient” is too long
  • Dancing banana – This I use it because I like it, although I also have words to explain the same: “ole ole ole!”

Maybe they are not “standard” but don’t you like them?

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