Debian Lenny dedicated to Thiemo Seufer

I know that the current stable Debian release is Squeeze, but this is not a post about new stuff, is about something “old” that I discovered today and I would like to share with you.

Today I plugged an old small USB drive on my laptop to copy several text files, and I found that I was used that drive as a Debian Lenny Netintst installation bootdrive in some time, since the files were still there. And between them, I found a “dedication.txt” file that called my attention. I opened it and this is the content:

Lenny dedicated to Thiemo Seufer

The Debian Project has lost an active member of its community. Thiemo Seufer 
died on December 26th, 2008 in a tragic car accident.

Thiemo was involved in Debian in many ways. He maintained several packages 
and was the main supporter of the Debian ports to the MIPS architecture. He was
also a member of our kernel team, as well as a member of the Debian Installer
team. His contributions reached far beyond the Debian project: he also worked
on the MIPS port of the Linux kernel, the MIPS emulation of qemu, and far too
many smaller projects to be named here.

Thiemo's work, dedication, broad technical knowledge and ability to share this 
with others will be missed. His contributions will not be forgotten.
The high standards of Thiemo's work make it hard to pick up.

To honour his contributions to Debian, the project dedicates the release of
Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 "Lenny" to Thiemo.

-- The Debian Developers

This message was also published in the Lenny release annouce, but in that time I was not suscribed to Debian mailing lists. I didn’t know anything about this dedication file in Debian GNU/Linux Distribution image files. I wanted to know a little bit more about the process involved in the “dedication”.

I searched the Debian mailing lists and I found that Christopher Berg coordinated the process:

I got impressed, I think is a very nice present and recognition to him, and an example for the free software community.

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