FLOSSProject, FLOSSWorld, FLOSSmole, FLOSSmetrics, FLOSSFoundations, FLOSShub… This is a collection of links to (serious) sites about Free, Libre, Open Source Software (FLOSS). I swear to you, I did not steal the bookmarks from my teachers, I found it by myself 🙂

FLOSSEd http://flossed.org

Fostering Free and Open Sources for Education: list of software, tutorials, and events and news selected specifially for educational purposes.

FLOSS Foundations: http://flossfoundations.org/

FLOSS community leadership: website, meetings and software systems to help in the management of non-profit organizations. The site is a bit outdated but you can find there information about the members (a complete directory of NPO related to libre software) and the community meetings in OSCON, FOSDEM and other summits.

FLOSSHub: http://flosshub.org/

Free/libre and open source software research resources: papers, data, educational material, tools, and websites.

FLOSSInclude: http://www.flossinclude.org

From the website: The FLOSSInclude project aims to strengthen Europe’s participation in international research in FLOSS and open standards, by studying what is needed to increase the deployment, development and societal impact of FLOSS in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

FLOSSMetrics: http://flossmetrics.org/

FLOSSMetrics stands for Free/Libre Open Source Software Metrics. It is a project funded by the European Commission Framework Program 6, to build a large scale database with information and metrics about libre software projects. In the website you can find all the information about this project, and the main results are the database itself, available in the Melquiades website, and the FLOSS Guide for SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Final report of this project was writen in March 29, 2010.

FLOSSmole: http://flossmole.org/

Since 2004, FLOSSmole is a collaborative repository for FLOSS research data and analyses. It hosts nearly 1 TB of data about more than 500,000 different open source projects. In their blog they publish the sources of the data that they are uploading, for example, in April 2011 the “Ultimate Debian Database”, and they also have a project in Google Code where they store information about the data, and related tools.

They provide schemas for the database to help you understand the organization better and details about each collection.

You can access the data in several ways: downloading flat delimited files or SQL files from their project at Google Code, or accessing directly to the database (joining the mailing list).

FLOSSProject: http://www.flossproject.org

Free/Libre and Open Source Software: Survey and Study. The report was delivered in 2002 and includes the following sections: Use of Open Source Software in Firms and Public Institutions ,  Firms Open Source Activities: Motivations and Policy Implications, Open Source Software in the Public Sector: Policy within the European Union, and Basics of Open Source Software Markets and Business Models.

FLOSSWorld: http://www.flossworld.org

Free/Libre/Open Source Software: Worldwide impact study (2007): including reports about Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, India, Malaysia and South Africa. The topics covered are: FLOSS communities as environments for human capacity building, differences in FLOSS software projects and development across countries, and government policies about FLOSS and open standards.

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