Raphael Hertzog’s “People behind Debian” interviews to learn about libre software contributors

Raphael Hertzog is a free software developer (Debian developer since 1998) and he also writes books and documentation about free software. He writes a blog mostly about Debian and Ubuntu, and I would like to present his interviews to people involved in the Debian Project, what he calls “People behind Debian“.  To each interviewed person, Raphael Hertzog asks about how he or she started contributing to Debian, news about the part of the project in which they are involved, their plans for the next release (Wheezy), and the people they admire in Debian community.

He recently talked with Ben Hutchings, member of the kernel team, Stefano Zacchiroli, Debian Project Leader, and Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu’s founder, but there are much more interviews interesting to read.

It is interesting to mention that Christian Perrier, another Debian Developer (translations coordinator), also interviewed Hertzog in his blog.

I think these interviews are interesting to learn about libre software developer motivations, and also the interviews themselves are a nice contribution to open the community to possible new contributors and reinforce relationships within the community.

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