Mozilla Hispano

MSWL Case Studies II subject have brought me the opportunity to meet some Mozillians: Pedro Garcia (Mozilla Support Spanish translator), Ludovic Hirlimann (Thunderbird QA), and Guillermo López (Firefox Spanish translator).

On one side I thought that I would like to meet more different people and projects, but today, thinking about this, I am glad because it is also nice to see some people together working for a common goal, you can feel that community spirit and also the good thing that many different people can cooperate and work as a team.

I knew something about the “Ubuntu people” to be very “fan”, but Mozillians show their proud too!

I took some notes from Guillermo Lopez’ talk, about interesting webs of Mozilla:

  • links to Perf-o-matic, some graphs about the testing and performance results of the different products of Mozilla (in real time).
  • shows a table with all the servers from Mozilla (websites, mail servers, test servers….) and their performance and availability status.
  • allows you to change the “skin” of your Firefox browser in a very easy way, to many different designs.

In addition to this, I managed to watch “Code Rush” documentary about the liberation of Netscape source code, event which meant the start of the Mozilla project. I really really recommend it: you see the human part of a company, the fears of a engineer team working against the clock, and the importance of certain decisions that changed history of computing and the internet.


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