Thanks Pleft and the Pleft Team!

I recently received a message from the founders of Pleft, a free software project to which I contribute Spanish translations, explaining that they are quitting the project.

Pleft is a web platform for planning appointments in a collaborative way. The organizer can register an account in the website, create a meeting, defining the title, description, proposed date and hour, and list of participants. Each participant will receive an email with a link to the meeting, where she can state her availability for each proposed date, and suggest alternative dates.

I have many things to thank to Pleft and the Pleft team.

As a user, Pleft helped a bit to organize the first MSWL & Beers appointment, and my friends and me at used it to organize two meetings for welcoming 2 babies to the neighbourhood. I’ve been very proud recommending it (C’mon my friend: you don’t need privative software to manage your appointments! You can use Pleft!).

As an apprentice translator, I met Transifex thanks to Pleft, and began to think about contributing Spanish translations to several free software projects that I use, and began to think about studying more about translations in/with free software.

As a student, I learned how the project works and wrote about it, particularly in my master thesis, as one of its Case Studies, and also in the appendix of my personal experience as translator.

The website will be shut down in mid-August, but you can always download the sources and set up your own website, or join to contribute (or even lead) this project which is licensed under GPLv3).

I am afraid I cannot take over from Pleft Team to keep on developing the project, but if somebody does, I will try to keep on contributing Spanish translations.

In the meanwhile, thanks and good luck Pleft and the Pleft Team!

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