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Rompiendo los muros del jardín

Actualización 28/09/2012: Michal “rysiek” Wozniak ha incluido esta traducción en su sitio web.. ¡Gracias! Puedes comentar aquí, en el hilo en Diaspora e Identica o también en Barrapunto. Esto es una traducción del artículo “Breaking the garden walls” publicado por Michał … Continue reading

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FLOSS Events Calendar

I decided to maintain a calendar about events related with Free, Libre, Open Source Software. I think it’s interesting even if you cannot attend any conference or meeting, since there are a lot of resources that you can get: slides … Continue reading

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Software adaptation, deployment and sustainability

Last May 23rd I went to the ceremony for the end of academic course at MSWL (Master en Software Libre, BTW inscription is open at URJC), where Jorge Ferrer from Liferay gave us a great talk about developing and deploying … Continue reading

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How to make money from open source (by Con Zymaris, Builderau.com)

I found this article from Builderau.com, a site dedicated to software development in Australia, and although it is a bit old (2005), I think the tips given on it explain well how a small business around libre software can be … Continue reading

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New markets, new products, new business models

Thanks to the subject Economic Aspects of the Master on Libre Software that I am attending at URJC, and also to several readings and videos, I am beginning to understand how it works the economic world around libre software, and … Continue reading

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Backcountry.com or how open source helps non-software related business

In this post I will talk about how libre software helped a company to success in their non software related business. This is a summary of a case study I found at CIO Insight, later I learned that this case … Continue reading

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The Economic Motivation of Open Source Software (by Dirk Riehle)

When someone begins to learn about the existence of libre software and discovers that nowadays many successful projects are driven by companies, new questions arise: How open source software business can be economically sustainable? Which are the motivations of companies … Continue reading

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