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Kubb 2018 season has just begun

Since last year I play kubb with my son. It’s a sport/game of marksmanship and patience. It’s a quite inclusive game and it’s played outside, in a grass or sand field. It happens that the Spanish association of Kubb is … Continue reading

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Contributing to free software – to write code or not to write code? (part 1)

I am  a free software user and student. The more that I read and learn about free software communities, the more that I discover really well done software applications, the more that I get surprised about how so many people … Continue reading

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Community Antipatterns: the enemies of a sucessful free software community

In this post I recommend you to watch an interesting video from Dave Neary, in MeeGo Conference 2010, about Community Anti-Patterns. Dave Neary has been a GNOME Foundation member, community manager of the OpenWengo project, and a former contributor to the GIMP … Continue reading

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Smileys and netiquette

I don’t like to use smileys in my email messages or forum posts. Maybe just the simplest and traditional: 🙂   happy      😦  sad     😉  happy blink I usually write (and read) in plain text, never payed too … Continue reading

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Students nightmares about intellectual property issues

First of all, I don’t use drugs. But from time to time I like to think about some topics, mixing concepts and having some fun imagining (im)possible futures about them. In the last week my course of Legal Aspects of … Continue reading

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