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Arranque seguro y arranque restringido

Esto es una traducción del artículo “Secure Boot and Restricted Boot” escrito por Matthew Garrett y publicado el 26 de marzo de 2013. El repositorio git que he usado para la traducción sigue activo, por si alguien tiene alguna contribución … Continue reading

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Viejo cine de verano para entender el software libre

¿Existen aún los cines de verano? Recuerdo cuando iba con mis amiguetes a ver “pelis antiguas” bajo la noche estrellada. ¡Se podían comer pipas! En mi viaje al MSR 2012 me sorprendió ver muchos MacBook, y todos con la luz … Continue reading

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Resumen de la Jornada de Usuarios del CesViMa (supercomputador Magerit)

El pasado 8 de mayo tuvo lugar la I Jornada de usuarios del CesViMa (Centro de supercomputación y visualización de Madrid) en el Rectorado de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. La jornada consistió en una serie de ponencias explicando las … Continue reading

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Reorganizing partitions and restoring Grub2

I wanted to get rid of my Ubuntu 10.04 partition in my netbook. I wanted to have enough free space to try to install and use other operative systems in my computer. Ubuntu was the first GNU/Linux that I installed … Continue reading

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Why I moved from Ubuntu to Debian

One year ago I began as a Linux user installing Ubuntu 10.04 in my notebook. Few months later I installed Linux in my desktop at job but that time I chose Debian (stable) and then I switched to Debian testing … Continue reading

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Video link: Linus Torvalds on The origins of Linux

Linux kernel is 20 years old. Congratulations to all the people contributing to this amazing part of the libre software history. In this mini-post I will introduce a talk given by Linus Torvalds on September 2001 (wow) about the origins … Continue reading

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Numbers about the Linux Kernel

I have never liked statistics, but at this point maybe you already know that I am a curious person. And the course “Communities” at the Master of Libre Software that I am attending at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos injected me … Continue reading

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Upgrading a customized Linux kernel

Last week I could not attend to my Case Studies I lesson (I am studying the Official Master’s Program on Libre Software at Universidad Rey juan Carlos), and it was about compiling the Linux kernel. What a pity! I’ve never … Continue reading

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Video about Linux Distributions

As part of my homework at Master of Libre Software, I had to make a video about anything interesting as Introduction to Libre Software. I chose to talk about Linux Distributions, because it is incredible the diversity of them and … Continue reading

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Mobile and embedded producers get more involved in Linux kernel development

The Linux Foundation released its annual Kernel Development Report, tracking the amount of changes and contributions to the Linux OS kernel. The top kernel contributors remain the same: Red Hat, Novell, IBM and Intel. (We will see next year what … Continue reading

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