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Developer tools that I use, and pending tasks

It is common to find that libre software developers use certain tools to improve their productivity and facilitate the collaborative work. I don’t work as software developer, nor write code in my free time, but I use some of these … Continue reading

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Surprising details of Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is a famous and multiplatform, extensible integrated development environment. Until few weeks ago my only relationship with Eclipse was to download it and install in Windows environments: some teachers at job use it to write Java programs for Lego … Continue reading

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Using Git for translations

Git is a distributed control version system, and it is widely used for maintaining source code in libre software projects. Git can track changes to any text file (not only source code), so may be used also to maintain text-based … Continue reading

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First steps with Python and Eclipse IDE

I am beginning my new academic year at MSWL and my first subject is Development and Tools. I opened my eyes, closed them, opened again and three weeks are gone! Israel Herraiz introduced Git and Python, and Micael Gallego introduced … Continue reading

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“Pro Git” book under CC-By-NC-SA license

In other post I introduced the free software Git, a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed. This time I will talk about the legal aspects of an interesting book about git, “Pro Git” written by Scott Chacon … Continue reading

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Git (the fast version control system) and its website

A distributed revision control system keeps track of software revisions and allows many developers to work on a given project without necessarily being connected to a common network. Using a revision control system is clue for free software projects: The … Continue reading

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