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A new home for Debian in the Mastodon / ActivityPub fediverse: follow @debian@framapiaf.org (and possible future moves)

TL;DR Recent events in the fediverse in general and related to fosstodon.org instance in particular have made me rethink the place where I’d like to handle the @debian account in the Mastodon/GNU Social/ActivityPub fediverse. I couldn’t decide a “final” place … Continue reading

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Rankings, Condorcet and free software: Calculating the results for the Stretch Artwork Survey

We had 12 candidates for the Debian Stretch Artwork and a survey was set up for allowing people to vote which one they prefer. The survey was run in my LimeSurvey instance, surveys.larjona.net. LimeSurvey  its a nice free software with … Continue reading

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