I am listing here the talks or events where I have participated and I have some multimedia material about it.
Most of them are in Spanish, some of them in English.


Compilando Podcast #18 – Desarrollo de Debian con Laura Arjona y Firefox Quantum
(Interview about Debian, in Spanish, made by Paco Estrada, for his audio podcast).

DebConf17: Anti-harassment BoF: how do we work, how you can help, how can we improve together (in English)

2016 2016 – Free, decentralized and distributed technologies (

Volume up left speaker or right speaker to listen only your preferred language. Available in English and Catalan.

12/03/2016 10:00h – 12:00h – Barcelona Participants: David Rozas Domingo, Loretta Anania, Samer Hassan, Irina Bolychevsky, Laura Arjona Reina (, starting at 1h:03min), Fabrizio Sestini


El telar del geek #126 – Debian con larjona, por @aperalesf

(Interview about Debian, in Spanish, made by Adrián Perales, for an audio podcast).


MiniDebConf Barcelona 2014

I did two lightning talks: one about GNU MediaGoblin and another one about (both in English)

I also participated in a Localisation Workshop together with Francesca Ciceri (in English)