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Webkit development

On February 3rd, Carlos García Campos came to MSWL Case Studies II to talk about Webkit. He works in Igalia on this multiplatform web engine, designed in a modular way, to be used in many different applications that require to … Continue reading

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My experiences, opinions and wishes about OSOR.eu and JoinUp

Last year I learnt about software forges in MSWL Project Management subject, and I thought it was a very interesting idea to have all the information and workflows associated to a software project in a website infrastructure. Before than that, … Continue reading

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“Pro Git” book under CC-By-NC-SA license

In other post I introduced the free software Git, a distributed revision control system with an emphasis on speed. This time I will talk about the legal aspects of an interesting book about git, “Pro Git” written by Scott Chacon … Continue reading

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Git (the fast version control system) and its website

A distributed revision control system keeps track of software revisions and allows many developers to work on a given project without necessarily being connected to a common network. Using a revision control system is clue for free software projects: The … Continue reading

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