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Software Freedom Conservancy supporter

I think it’s important that organizations as Software Freedom Conservancy exist. They provide a non-profit home, infrastructure, and advice for FLOSS projects. They take care that the will of the project members, choosing free software licenses, is respected by third … Continue reading

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Debian Publicity Team meeting today!

Today at 18:00 UTC (this evening for me) there will be a Debian Publicity Team IRC meeting (open meeting, everybody invited), and I’m very happy because it will be the first meeting that I know of, since I joined the … Continue reading

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Six months selfhosting: my userop experiences

Note: In this post I mention some problems and ask questions (to myself, like “thinking aloud”). The goal is not to get answers to those questions (I suppose that I will find them soon or later in the internet, manuals … Continue reading

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Hello, world! I’m a Debian contributor

My blog is included now in Planet Debian, so this post is to say hello ūüôā And what can be better to explain who I am, that saying that I am a Debian Contributor? What does “Debian Contributor” mean? There … Continue reading

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StatusNet, el software libre de microblogueo

Me preguntaron sobre StatusNet para montar una red social de microblogueo interna en una instituci√≥n. Como usuaria de identi.ca, fan de la federaci√≥n (aunque a√ļn no he montado mi propio servidor…) y humilde seguidora de la comunidad de Status.Net, he … Continue reading

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Software adaptation, deployment and sustainability

Last May 23rd I went to the ceremony for the end of academic course at MSWL (Master en Software Libre, BTW inscription is open at URJC), where Jorge Ferrer from Liferay gave us a great talk about developing and deploying … Continue reading

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Webkit development

On February 3rd, Carlos Garc√≠a Campos came to MSWL Case Studies II to talk about Webkit. He works in Igalia on this multiplatform web engine, designed in a modular way, to be used in many different applications that require to … Continue reading

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To make a living as a free software hacker

A very interesting thing of free software is that you can learn many aspects by yourself and with investing time and effort, but no (much) money. All the source code and communication channels are open, and participating in one project … Continue reading

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Apache Software Foundation: roles and community organization

As part of my homework for the Master on Libre Software that I am studying, some classmates and me made a series of videos about the Apache Software Foundation. We try to explain the different roles in this wide libre … Continue reading

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Raphael Hertzog’s “People behind Debian” interviews to learn about libre software contributors

Raphael Hertzog is a free software developer (Debian developer since 1998) and he also writes books and documentation about free software. He writes a blog mostly about Debian and Ubuntu, and I would like to present his interviews to people … Continue reading

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