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More involved in the Debian Publicity team

More than 6months since I am Debian Developer and I’m learning new things every day… and trying to organize my time better to accomplish all the things I would like to do. In September I became publicity delegate (and we joined Press+Publicity … Continue reading

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Long summer story, Welcome team, and I am a Debian Developer now

Note: 2015/10/16: I need to add some links but I won’t delay this more, posting now, will edit later. Summer ended long time ago, but believe me, I’m still catching up with all the things that I began in June/July, … Continue reading

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Six months selfhosting: my userop experiences

Note: In this post I mention some problems and ask questions (to myself, like “thinking aloud”). The goal is not to get answers to those questions (I suppose that I will find them soon or later in the internet, manuals … Continue reading

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Hello, world! I’m a Debian contributor

My blog is included now in Planet Debian, so this post is to say hello 🙂 And what can be better to explain who I am, that saying that I am a Debian Contributor? What does “Debian Contributor” mean? There … Continue reading

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Participating in the Pump.io community

I came ‘late’ to many free software communities (including identi.ca), when the software had been released  more than two years before, and the community was already mature. So, when Evan Prodromou announced the migration of Identi.ca to a new software … Continue reading

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Innovación en la austeridad, de Eben Moglen

Francisco Vila y yo hemos terminado ya la traducción del discurso “Innovación en la austeridad” que dio Eben Moglen en la conferencia “Freedom to Connect” 2012 el pasado mes de mayo. Podéis leerlo, descargarlo y compartirlo desde la Biblioweb de … Continue reading

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Viejo cine de verano para entender el software libre

¿Existen aún los cines de verano? Recuerdo cuando iba con mis amiguetes a ver “pelis antiguas” bajo la noche estrellada. ¡Se podían comer pipas! En mi viaje al MSR 2012 me sorprendió ver muchos MacBook, y todos con la luz … Continue reading

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Interview with Ciaran Gultnieks, F-Droid project leader

The F-Droid Repository is an easily-installable catalogue of FOSS (free, open source software) applications for the Android platform. The server contains the details of multiple versions of each application, and the Android client makes it easy to browse, install them … Continue reading

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Apache Software Foundation: roles and community organization

As part of my homework for the Master on Libre Software that I am studying, some classmates and me made a series of videos about the Apache Software Foundation. We try to explain the different roles in this wide libre … Continue reading

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Raphael Hertzog’s “People behind Debian” interviews to learn about libre software contributors

Raphael Hertzog is a free software developer (Debian developer since 1998) and he also writes books and documentation about free software. He writes a blog mostly about Debian and Ubuntu, and I would like to present his interviews to people … Continue reading

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